Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Broad Market Update


As I type this, the Dow is at 13120, or about 300 points from my July suggestion to start getting conservative.

I am still of the opinion that the next bear market will take the market significantly below where the market is trading now.  I'm targeting the low 9000's, or around 30%.  I believe it will be beneficial to boost cash positions, and be conservatively allocated with the rest.

One idea is the mutual fund MainStay Marketfield (MFLDX).

They can go long and short. They short foreign debt, anything. He masterfully played the 2008 crises, AND participated in the 2009 rally. Very few people in the world pulled off what he did. 


While under performing the SP500 this year some, I'm confident he can make some money if the market is good, and not lose nearly as much as most other long funds are going to lose. 

* I am not a registered financial advisor.  This blog is for entertainment purposes only.  Please consult your financial advisor before making any decision with your portfolio.

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